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Care21 specialise in the provision of products and services within two distinct areas – the ever-important area of Cyber Security, along with the cost effective procurement of network assets, providing a comprehensive range of network lifecycle services to assist our clients in gaining maximum value from their network infrastructure.

Cyber Security: Our Cyber Security suite of products provide protection from the ground up. With reactive traditional approaches to cyber threats proving futile in preventing data breaches, and ransomware now a multi-billion pound industry, companies need to embed state of the art principles into the core of their networks and systems, to provide them with the protection they require.

Cost effective procurement of network assets: We source and procure high quality new, new-surplus, pre-owned refurbished and EOL networking equipment at extremely competitive prices, and can provide equipment from all the leading manufacturers. Through a large network of partner organisations we can source virtually any product you require, at prices and lead times that many of our competitors struggle to match.

In addition, we can provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services to assist you in the design, planning, implementation, management and support of your infrastructure.

Cyber Security Services Update

With our trusted partners, we deliver full turnkey solutions on Cyber Security. We provide these to the top legal, banking and retail sectors, along with bespoke High Street stores. Our suite delivers world class Data Access Security Broker, from SecureCircle, where we act as the EMEA distributor and reseller. SecureCircle eliminates data leak threats (insider, accidental or malicious), by delivering data-centric access controls. Data remains persistently protected without impacting workflow or end user experience, no matter where your data is consumed, created, stored or modified, or whether your data is at rest, in use, or in transit. With fully auditable logs, via your own tools, Active Directory or event management platform, SIEM, you have complete visibility over your data.

Take a look at exactly how it works!

Care21 partner with distributor Custodian360, where we provide a fully managed endpoint security solution for all shapes and size of business. The software protects you from ransomware, malicious intruders and viruses. In the digital age of remote workers, people are increasingly expected to work from home on any device, from any location. However, every endpoint is a potential point of entry for attack and it is therefore fundamental to secure all devices within and outside your corporate environment. With full visibility into all of your EndPoints, both traditional Laptop/Desktop and also Data Centre servers, the engine pinpoints malicious activity, even by the most sophisticated, stealth attacks and stops them in their tracks. We secure Windows, OS X, and Linux EndPoint devices (servers, workstations and laptops) for complete EndPoint protection.

Complementing our tools, we are delighted to partner with Acalvio, with investors such as Google, Honeywell, Splunk – Acalvio provide Advanced Threat Defence (ATD) solutions to detect, engage and respond to malicious activity inside the perimeter. The solutions are anchored on patented innovations in Deception and Data Science. With a rich palette of deceptions, decoys, breadcrumbs, baits and lures, Acalvio ensure that you are robust in detecting intrusion. With our defenders, we minimise the time adversaries have to exploit your network, and with a complete naming convention we create a mirror network.

In addition we work with our partner in providing a cost effective SIEM for a tenth of the cost, with full bells and whistles, avoiding those pricey big-named brands!

Care21 also have the ability to provide your business with ethical hackers, education and training, governance, risk and compliance, through partner ZeroDayLab.

Contact one of the Security team today, for a chat or demo on all products: security-sales@care21.com. Proof of Concepts for 14 days.

A member and partner to National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ.

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