Care21 specialise in the cost effective procurement of network assets and provide a comprehensive range of network lifecycle services to assist our clients in gaining maximum value from their network infrastructure.

We source and procure high quality new, new-surplus, pre-owned refurbished and EOL networking equipment at extremely competitive prices and can provide equipment from all the leading manufacturers. Through a large network of partner organisations we can source virtually any product you require at prices and lead times that many of our competitors struggle to match.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services to assist you in the design, planning, implementation, management and support of your infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Services

Adding to our portfolio of CyberSecurity services, we have recently entered into an agreement with SecureCircle and have been awarded the European distribution rights. SecureCircle holds a unique position in the market, especially assisting with GDPR and data audit and protection (DCAP from Gartner). The solution can be deployed in both a SaaS or on-prem environment, with full protection of data and an auditable log output of every process/action that happens to your data, whilst allowing for the right to be forgotten across communities.

Alongside, we have also engaged with the SaaS-deployed Automatic & Continuous Penetration Testing solution, Cronus, with a comprehensive executive summary report capable of assisting with helping your company build its technology roadmap, highlighting vulnerabilities in the network, and allowing for instant return on investment. We call this the 20/80 rule!

Partnering too with Secrutiny, we will be able to deploy algorithms to deliver full Cyber Risk Audits. Secrutiny help organisations focus their cyber security efforts and resource on quantified, factual information, rather than the wider ‘threat-mania’ industry view.

Care21 have also recently added to their team of specialists, who have vast experience within law enforcement and cyber activity.

We can deploy our solutions into overt or covert environments depending on your organisation’s needs, and are here to assist in the never-ending challenges encountered in Cyber Security.

Contact one of the Security team for an informal chat: We offer free Proof of Concepts for 14 days.

A member and partner to National Cyber Security Centre, a part of GCHQ, you can have confidence in choosing Care21 for your auditor on Cyber Threats to your internal network.

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