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Asset Management

Care21's Asset Management Programme is a fast, effective way to get maximum value for your outdated or surplus technology assets. Care21 takes the risk and hassle out of recovering value from used routers, switches, access servers and IP telephony products. We recognise that the faster an organisation deals with redundant equipment, the greater the resale value.

Care21 offers the highest market values paid in the industry for re-marketable equipment from Cisco, HP, Juniper and other vendors. We can help customers eliminate the cost of storing excess, outdated or used networking equipment, as well as offering you some of the highest hardware values paid in the industry.

Care21 provides the expert support you need to assess inventory value, uninstall, pack and ship your equipment. We offer a free onsite audit to all customers wanting to belong to the Asset Management Programme.

Contact a Care21 Asset Management advisor today!
To benefit from our Asset Management Programme is simple; follow these easy steps:

  • Send us a list of your excess inventory for market valuation to sales@care21.com. A Care21 advisor will respond within 24 hours to let you know if your equipment has market value and to provide an estimate.
  • Book in a free onsite audit for a more formal evaluation. The Care21 Audit Team will inspect and quality check all kit to determine actual condition and confirm the market value. Care21 will also happily arrange a repackaging and logistics service on request.
  • You will be provided with a full audit report, detailing our findings and any value updates from the initial estimate.
  • Care21 provides flexible options either via prompt payment or as a credit/trade-in note, which can be used at any time you require.

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